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DSCF0711.jpgAlmost as much grease as a Sonic burger!73 views
DSCF0712.jpgCruddy-assed engine66 viewsNotice all of the brown "Block Sealer" in the water jackets. This was most likely the cause of the blown heads. Don't put this crap into your engine!
DSCF0713.jpgMmm mmm mmm... Tasty!65 views
DSCF0714.jpgmore block seal crud in the water jackets.1723 views
DSCF0715.jpgThe No. 1 Cylinder57 viewsNo telling how long it has been since this one was not firing. The spark plug electrode was mashed flat.
DSCF0716.jpgI will have to SCRUB this thing before putting it back together!1731 views
DSCF0717.jpgAnother shot of the cruddy engine64 viewsand LOTS of block sealer gumming up the works!
DSCF0753.JPGCompleted upper engine components70 viewsHere is the upper intake and valve covers after cleaning and painting.
DSCF0754.JPGDegreased and Painted (right)56 viewsThis is the right side of the engine block after extensive cleaning efforts with a scrub brush and degreaser.
DSCF0755.JPGDegreased and Painted (Left)57 viewsHere is the left side of the engine block after extensive effort with degreaser and a scrub brush.
DSCF0756.JPGPlugged head gasket65 viewsThis gasket does not show any evidence of being blown. You can see, however that all of the coolant passages are blocked almost completely, causing inadequate cooling of the heads.
DSCF0757.JPGBlown head gasket65 viewsYou can see here that the gasket material is distorted on the water jackets between the #1 and #2 cylinders. The disturbance allowed coolant into the #1 cylinder.
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